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Recording: Demo Day - Accelerate at Circularity 24 Startups

Posted Jun 06, 2024 | Views 178
# Accelerate
# Circular Economy

Recording from June 5, 2024. At GreenBiz's annual Circularity 24 pitch competition, Accelerate, five Seed to Series A circular economy startups took the main stage to pitch their innovative companies. This demo day will showcase these pioneering startups. Each startup has 3 minutes to pitch followed by Q&A from seasoned circular economy venture capitalists. We’ll have time for audience Q&A too. Join this demo day to witness the entrepreneurs propelling the circular economy forward!

Speakers: Startups:

  • Joanne Rodriguez: CEO, Mycocycle
  • Yael Shemer: Co-founder and CCO, Tulu
  • Ravish Majithia: CEO, Magnomer
  • Michael Riedijk: CEO, Lucent Bio
  • Jakson Alvarez: Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Evolectric

Industry Experts:

  • Jennifer Louie: Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners
  • Hannah Friedman: Founding Principal, Planeteer Capital
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